A COLLECTIVE POEM By 1èreL Anglais de Complément(2005-2006)

In class we studied the poem TONIGHT AT NOON by Adrian Henri, a British contemporary writer.
Then we decided to follow the same pattern and write our own collective poem and this is what we came up with :


Tonight at noon

Americans will go on holidays to Irak

And Bush will invite Ben Laden to the restaurant

Snakes will become friends with rodents

Parents will listen to their children

Doctors will tell us to go on a fries-eating diet

Students will only work on Sundays

Terrorists will fight against the police-bombing threat

All the countries will make flower bombs

And they’ll throw them saying we love you

Popstars will be unknown

And everybody will be famous

Everybody will watch trees

And TVs will grow in fields

Tonight at noon

Poneys will ride their jockeys and win the race

The French will drink orange juice in pubs

Hard-rockers will play Lorie’s songs

Tonight at noon

Stars will brighten a beautiful summer day

Tonight at noon

Men will be caged and animals free

There will be no borders

And nobody will suffer from hunger

Tonight at noon

There will be no more wars and everybody will be happy

Tonight at noon

The planet will be as it was on its first day

Tonight at noon

We will be happy to forget somebody

We will know what the future has in store for us

We will fly and life will be easy

A collective poem written by 1ère L Anglais de Complément