Projet "CULTURE CLASSIQUE" : rencontre avec une violoncelliste de l’Orchestre des Champs-Elysées.

A travers le projet "CULTURE CLASSIQUE", la classe de seconde C est partie à la découverte du classicisme grâce à un parcours d’activités mêlant littérature, musique et langues. Ce projet entre dans le programme « Culture Éducation » proposé par La Scène Nationale de Poitiers. C’est dans ce cadre que les élèves de 2C ont interviewé en langue étrangère (anglais et espagnol) plusieurs musiciens de l’Orchestre des Champs-Elysées pour mieux comprendre leur conception de la musique classique et ce qui les a amenés à se consacrer à cette musique.

Voici l’article en anglais relatant leur rencontre avec Hilary Metzger, une des violoncellistes de l’Orchestre.

Meeting with Hilary Metzger

Hilary has always been crazy about music. She works in this orchestra which has the particularity to play with old instruments because she finds it artistic and she loves this freedom. Actually it’s amazing !

She started the cello at the age of eleven old, but before that, she took piano lessons. So, she began the music when she was very young !

One day, she listened Philippe Herreweghe on the radio and she said : “I want to work with him !”. So she came to France and she met him. She found him AMAZING !

She misses her family a lot, but she does use Skype with them sometimes. And she goes to the United States once a year.

She has worked in Paris, in the conservatory and she has had a very strict teacher who said : “You have to study with me, you must practice !”

She’s crazy about Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven and she plays only classical music.

And when we asked her if she prefers Paris or New York she said : “I love both, but I prefer living in Paris”

She was very happy to have met us and we all had a very nice time !

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