Puzzles of the Week (4)

jeudi 8 avril 2010
par  Xavier Garnier

Use your brain to find a solution to these new Puzzles of the Week ! Check the answers on Le Pilote website.

And here we are again with our brain teasers ! As usual, many thanks to everybody for your investment and let’s start with the new puzzles :
(Don’t forget to go and check the answers of the past puzzles on Le PILOTE website)

Puzzle 10 :
« At what time between two and three o’clock are the hands of a watch diametrically opposite ? »

Puzzle 11 :
« What is the largest product that can be obtained from a sum of positive integers that total 100 ? »

Puzzle 12 :
« Fred’s Fast Food’s menu reads Fredburger, milk shake, and order of fries : $3.72. 1 Fredburger = 1 milkshake + 2 orders of fries, 3 milk shakes = 1 Fredburger + 1 order of fries. How much is a Fredburger, a milk shake and two orders of fries ? »

Good luck !


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