Puzzles of the Week

Use your brain to find a solution ! ! !

A new category is born from the Maths/English course ! Anyone can play, students, teacher, dogs... All you have to do is to send me an e-mail with your answer.
I will publish the best (if any...!) Let’s start !... Oh... is there any reward ? Well we’ll see that at the end of the school year.

Puzzle 1 :

« In how many ways can seven basketball players of different heights line up in a single row so that no player is standing between two people taller than herself ? »

Puzzle 2 :

« What prime number is a divisor of every four-digit palindrome ? »

Puzzle 3 :

« Would you be comfortable if one of the temperature readings, Celsius or Fahrenheit, was twice the other ? »

Have fun !

Xavier Garnier